Mechanical Workshop Machines

Machines play a very important role in a workshop where metalworking tasks are performed. They enable speedprocesses in the workshops and enhance the accuracy and efficiency of the processes. With tools the bulk metal processing requirements in the workshop can be met with ease. Today various kinds of equipment are available in the market. By installing these, various tasks like cutting, shaping, drilling etc. which are to be carried out on harder metal surfaces can be easily accomplished.

Industrial workshop machines are configured to handle heavy-duty applications in robust industrial environments whereas Normal workshop Machines are usually designed with intermediate specifications and cannot handle such larger workloads as in industries. H. A Steel has heavy-duty Mechanical Power Presses and Hydraulic Presses for assembling lines. We have Mechanical Presses up to 600 Ton Capacity.

  • Precision Centre Lathe Machines (England).
  • Shaper Machines (England). Auto Feed Drill Machines.
  • Conventional Lathe Machines.
  • Mechanical Power Presses 200 Ton up to 600 Ton Punching Capacity. Hydraulic Presses.
  • Centerless Grinding Machines for Internal grinding & center to center grinders, Face grinders etc.