Our organization was conceived and founded by (Late) Mr. Munir Ahmed Sindhu in 1965 with the name of “Naseer Brothers Works” to serve Sugar and Cement Industries in Pakistan. He was Chairman of the Company until he diedin 2019.

Mr. Rizwan Hassan S/O Mr. Munir Ahmed Sindhu joined the company as a Director of Production, in 1998, and went on to become its Chief Executive Officer and Chairman after the death of his father in 2019.

In the 1980s to separate our scope of work, it was decided to establish companies with the name “Sindhu Engineering Works” and “Naseer Brothers Engineering Works” specialized in Cement and Sugar industries respectively and the scope of work was Heavy Fabrication like Pans, Crystallizers, U shape sportily Rollers, Heavy Machining and Bronze Bearings etc.

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In the 1990s we further specialized our jobs and established H. A Steel Chains to Manufacture Transmission, Conveyors, Drive, Drag, Elevator, Bagasse and Cane Carrier Chains along with Sprockets. in 16 years.

H. A Steel Chains proved itself as a leader in Manufacturing all types of Chains in Pakistan for Sugar, Cement, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Paper, and other heavy Industries.

In the 2011s H. A Steel Chain changed its status as a Private Limited Firm and registered as H. A Steel Chains (Pvt) Ltd. The Factory was shifted to new Premises on Shahkot Morr, G.T Road and has a covered area of over 81,600 Sqft.

We are greatly honored and pleased to mention that a small factory that was established in 1965 has completed its 58 years of development, Innovation, and excellence in 2023. At present, H. A Steel Chains Pvt Ltd is known as Pakistan leading and Quality conscious Chains Manufacturing Company which is playing a major role in the development of Pakistan’s heavy Industries by Manufacturing Quality Products. Therefore, Industries’ dependency on foreign Suppliers for Steel Chains has decreased.

We achieved this milestone with the blessing of Almighty Allah and our staff & Management’s hard work dedication, enthusiasm, innovation, and State of art Machineries. H. A Steel Chains Pvt Limited Company Manufacturing Chains Products of International Quality.

The Company has an excellent Team of experienced and Professional engineers. They have in-house Capability of Designing, Simulation, Forging, Casting, Machining, Heat Treatment, Assembling and Testing facilities along with state-of-the-art Machineries.

H.A Steel Chains (Pvt.) Ltd has received ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 Certificates from the USA and the “Acquisition International Business Excellence Award 2021” from the UK. “Global Award 2022” from the UK. Last, but not least, humbly with distinction, we would like to announce that we are the only company in Pakistan which is having such certifications in Chains Manufacturing.